Making the Implicit, Explicit

Making the Implicit, Explicit I have nightmares about being asked to scan poetry. I am a poet. I love poetry, even the classics with their rhyme and meter. But, I confess, I find scanning impossible. The first time I came across scansion was in grade school. I don’t remember the exact grade but I am thinking late elementary like 5th or 6th grade. We were … Continue reading Making the Implicit, Explicit

Prose Poety – The Ultimate Oxymoron?

Is there anything more oxymoronic than the term prose poem? When I entered my MFA program in 2007, I was bombarded with prose poetry. I felt fairly well read before I started the program given that I have been reading since I was three, I was an English major as an undergrad. But somehow, even in a course titled “Modern Poetry,” I was never exposed to the prose poem. Continue reading Prose Poety – The Ultimate Oxymoron?

Exploring the Villanelle

Exploring the Villanelle France has a rich history of poetry innovation.  The villanelle is just one of the many forms that developed as an imitation of a French model.  The form entered into English-language poetry during the 1800’s. A villanelle appears to be a fairly simple rhyming form but it is actually extremely difficult to write because the first and third lines of the first … Continue reading Exploring the Villanelle